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Welcome to Fama Living- Montreal's Modern Furniture Store.

Fama Montreal is the first Fama store in Canada, it is your key to high-end Modern and Contemporary Sofas that is imported straight from Spain. At the Fama Montreal Store you will find Modern Fama Sofas, contemporary Fama loveseats, as well as different types of Fama Sectionals, and Fama Chairs. Fama Montreal is one of the most technologically advanced modern sofa manufacturing companies. Fama presents its collection of modern sofas in more than 60 countries all over the world. Finally Fama's modern sofa collection is now available in the new Fama Montreal Furniture Store.

By browsing our online Fama Montreal website, or visit our modern furniture Fama Montreal Store located in the heart of Montreal on 2000 Saint-Laurent surrounded by Place des Arts, the Old Port and " Le Quartier des Spectacles" - the cultural and entertainment destination in Montreal where every summer takes place the world renown "Festival International de Jazz de Montréal". Simply the perfect place to sell modern sofas. While visiting to our modern sofa collection at our Fama Montreal store you will be amazed by the incredible selection of modern furniture that is unique, functional, solid and comfortable.

In addition to an exceptional selection of unique modern sofas, Fama Montreal offers you the unique possibility to customize the modern furniture of your choice according to the layout of your modern living room, and your tastes and needs. The new Fama Montreal store gives you the possibility to pick the colour, the configuration, the texture of the fabric, and the size of your modern Fama sofa. In the Fama Montreal Store there will always be someone to help you with your choices, if you need help deciding the colour, and fabric of your modern Fama Sofa, or the size of you contemporary Fama Sectionnal. There is no need to worry as our team of professionals will always be there to help you finalize the look of your modern furniture.

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Whether you are looking for a modern sofa, modern chair, modern loveseat, or a modern sectional; you will definetely find what you are looking for within our collection of modern furniture Fama , in the new Fama Montreal Store. Fama Montreal offers a vast selection of contemporary and modern sofas - modular systems, loveseats, sofas, modern chairs, recliners, tables and beds as well as outdoor modern furniture. Even one modern furniture piece from our Fama Montreal Store, such as a modern sofa, will bring freshness, style and chic to your home. A modern Fama sofa can become a focal point and will completely change the atmosphere of your modern living room! In our Fama Montreal store you will find different kinds of modern sofas each with their unique options and secrets.

At our Fama Montreal Store we offer a wide selection of fabrics and genuine leather samples for our modern furniture, so you will be able not only to choose the color but also the texture of the material or leather that your modern sofa will be upholstered with. We will guide you in choosing the perfect fabric for you modern furniture in our Fama Montreal store. You will get the prefect modern sofa, modern chair, or modern sectional that will reflect your personality. A unique modern sofa contemporary design made by yourself.

The complete production process is carried out in Spain in an area of more than 20000 m2, where technology, design and craftsmanship interrelate perfectly, in order to produce the different modern sofas. Fama carries out the complete production process of their modern sofas, from the design to the after-sales service, combining the most advanced technology with the experience and craftsmanship of the workers. Fama's design team develops all the modern furniture prototypes from new and original ideas.

Famaliving Montreal Modern Furniture

At Fama we are so sure about the strength and durability of the frames of our modern sofas that we guarantee them for life, this policy applies across all the Fama stores including Fama Montreal. All the Fama modern sofas frames are made of pine wood. Manufacturers keep the wood for at least 1 year before using it. As it could cause problems if not completely dry. All the shaped pieces of our modern sofas are cut with CADCAM cutting machines, so that the modern furniture pieces are all perfectly shaped and identical.All the knots are removed from the wood used for the frames of the modern sofas. This way manufacturers make sure that the frames will not break. The assembly of the modern furniture frames is carried out by Fama's expert team of craftsmen.

We guarantee our modern sofas seat suspensions for 10 years, because we are sure that they will not collapse. There are several types of seat suspension (sprung, elastic webbing, etc), and with some of them the seats of the modern sofa collapse after time. This will not happen with our system. Not so long ago the sprung was one of the best options of seat suspension for upholstered modern furniture, but it also presented two main problems: they became noisy with time, and in some cases they damaged the materials covering them (fabric and foam).The most common system nowadays is the elastic webbing. This provides the modern sofa with a great comfort initially, but with time it loses elasticity and collapses.

Famaliving Montreal Modern Furniture

For our modern sofas in Fama we do not use any of these systems. We use the NEA system in our modern furniture seats. It is a new system of seat suspension made out of high quality materials that offer an unlimited durability. For cutting the fabric for our modern sofas, we first extend it automatically in order to avoid mistakes and detect possible flaws in the material. The striped or patterned fabrics of the modern furniture are cut with a machine that includes and optical system that cuts the fabric matching the patterns automatically.

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Our modern furniture's sewing department consists of a team of professionals who treat each piece with care, and manually. Fama combines technology in the production and craftsmanship in the finish of all our products. All Fama products pass the necessary tests required by the most strict international quality standards in our on-site laboratory. If you want to ascertain yourself of the durability of our modern sofas, you can come and test out our modern furniture in our Montreal Fama Store. It is a fascinating world of contemporary interior design that you will find in our modern furniture Fama Montreal store. We believe that the perfect look should always be accompanied by high quality and great comfort. Which is why at our Fama Montreal Store we do not only sell style but we also sell comfort, and stand by what we offer and advertise. Our modern furniture Fama Montreal store is unique in Montreal, it stands out with its unique choice of modern furniture and with the best price-quality ratio.

Famaliving Montreal

Browse our Fama Montreal website in order to choose the model you likeand then come see and try it in our Fama Montreal store.

Thank you for visiting Fama Montreal!

Famaliving Montreal

When you come into a modern furniture store, you usually look for a modern sofa that will be different.  You want to complement your modern living room furniture with a modern sofa that will be simply exquisite.

You probably recall times when you had trouble picking out the colors of your modern sofa, probably because the color options in the modern furniture store were limited. You have to understand that in our new Famaliving Montreal store there will be no such problems. You have the possibility to choose between 1000 different fabrics for your new Fama modern sofa. Your Fama modern sofa will be a great addition of modern living room furniture. And if you prefer your modern sofa to be in leather, rest assured we offer more than 100 different leather colors for some of our modern sofas.

Famaliving Montreal

Were there times when you were worried about the durability of the modern sofa that you were purchasing?  If yes, then you must know that our Fama modern sofas are not only beautiful, but also very durable.  At Famaliving Montreal we stand by the durability of our Fama modern sofas, so much in fact that we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame of all our Fama modern sofas.  There is no other modern living room furniture that benefits from such a warranty.

Did the seats of your recently purchased modern sofa sag? At Famaliving Montreal there will be no such problem, as we guarantee the webbing of our Fama modern sofas for ten years.  This is why the modern sofa that you will purchase at Famaliving Montreal will be one of the best quality. It will be a unique piece of modern living room furniture. It will have its unique pattern of colors that you chose, but the Fama modern sofa will also last for a very long time.

A lot of modern living room furniture looks very nice, but the question is: is it comfortable? At Famaliving Montreal , the modern sofa that you will choose will not only have a stunning look but will also be of the highest comfort. We have many different Fama modern sofas, some that are very deep, some that are not deep, adjustable seats, reclining seats, adjustable backs, and many other options. For example in a Fama modern sofa that has adjustable seats, you are able to regulate how deep you want your seat to be. Adjustable backs can put you in a more relaxed position, or in a straighter position, in order to keep your spine straight. The modern living room furniture offered at Famaliving furniture store is the only store in Montreal that offers this many options for your modern sofa.

Famaliving Montreal Design Sofas

At Famaliving furniture store Montreal we also place a lot of emphasis on practicality for this reason many of Fama modern sofas can come in different sizes and configurations. It can be a sectional, a loveseat, a 3-sitter, and a 4-sitter, anything that fits best in your modern living room. If you decide on a Fama modern sectional then in your chaise lounge you have the possibility to have a storage option. If you decide to complement your Fama modern sofa with a table, almost all the Fama tables come with a storage option as well. Some of our Fama modern Sofas come as sofa beds in queen size as well as in full size. The sofa beds have a metal frame and a good quality foam mattress.

Finally if you decide to complement your Fama modern sofa with a modern armchair, then you would be able to choose from more than 20 armchair models that have different options as well. Plus, you could make the armchair in same color, or pattern as your Fama modern sofa. 

All the choices made easier with our Simulator, where we can build the exact configuration of the modern sofa that you need and then choose different fabrics and put them on the model of the modern sofa you have chosen.

In order to create a perfect modern sofa set for your living room, our in-site product specialists will study your floor plans and discuss your style preferences and will assist you with making the right choice.